Christmas Drawing Game

Christmas is a time for playing silly games with friends and family, it’s the fun and laughter that makes Christmas merry and memorable. The Christmas drawing game is great for young children, because you don’t need to be a great drawer because everyone is blindfolded. And it’s great for elderly members of the family, because it’s a sit down game. It’s great fun for two or more players, of any age. Remember: You don’t need to be able to draw well, because even Rolf Harris’ picture would turn out scruffy in this game because everyone is blindfolded!


How to play
Blindfold each person, and give him or her a pencil and paper and something to lean on. If you don’t have enough blindfolds you can ask people to close their eyes, but no peeping!

Whilst the players are all blindfolded tell them to draw what you tell them to-

First draw a fireplace.

Pause between telling them the instructions to give them time to draw.

Draw a tall Christmas tree on the right hand on the fireplace.

Draw fire burning in the fireplace.

Draw a star on the top of the Christmas tree.

On the mantle piece draw two Christmas stockings hanging down.

Draw Christmas baubles on the Christmas tree.

In front of the fire draw a cat asleep.

Finally Draw a frame or a box around everything.

Scoring is as follows

10 point if they drew the mantle and another 10 if they also drew the hearth.

10 points if the Christmas tree is on the right hand side of the fireplace. An extra 5 points if they gave the Christmas tree a trunk.

10 point if the flames are inside the fireplace. 5 extra points if they drew coal or a log.

20 points if the star is touching the top of the Christmas tree. 5 extra point if they drew a 5-pointed star.

10 points for each stocking which is touching the mantle.

2 point for each bauble which is on the Christmas tree.

10 points if the cat is in front of the fire and not on it. An extra 5 points if the cat has its eyes closed. 2 extra points for whiskers.

The winner is the player who has the most points.

You can vary the game by asking them to draw different things, but make sure that you are making them only draw parts of things at a time, adding more detail later because they need to loose track of where their drawing is. That’s what makes it fun.

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