Free Drawing Software

So you’ve read about free drawing software and you’re interested, right? But you’ve got some concerns. You’re worried that the software might be illegal. After all, who would manufacture high quality software for free? You’re also concerned that it won’t be able to do everything that you need it to. For much the same reason. You probably think that a company would be remiss if it created a wonderful piece of software and then just gave it away for free.

But you’re in luck. Because free drawing programs are not illegal. And they are very feature rich and useful jam packed with features.

But why would any company spend tens of thousands of hours making software that competes with Photoshop (which we all know sells for nearly $1000) and then just give that software away? Well, there are a variety of reasons.

Some of this type of free software is open source. This means that there isn’t just one company with regular employees that makes the software. Rather, the software is developed by tens of thousands of volunteers across the globe. They volunteer their time so that they can build their resume and get credit for helping, as well as because they just believe in the open source ethic. That is, they believe that people working for no other reason that because they enjoy it can make a better product than people like Microsoft or Adobe who are motivated by a paycheck.

Other free drawing software is made by companies that are actually for profit. They may have other software utilities that they do charge for. But they make the free software so that people will discover how useful it is and will then pay for other applications from them. It’s a sort of free advertising for them. Still others make free software as a way of giving back. They view their branch of the company that makes the free software as a kind of non-profit branch. Often, it’s a tax write off for them.

Finally, some companies charge for their software, but then give older versions of the same software away for free. One such company is Corel Photo Pro. They do this in the hopes that people will download and begin using the free version, and will then like it so much that they become interested in gaining the new features that are available in the new, paid, version. They’ve had a lot of success with this business model, especially since they only charge around $75 for the paid version, as opposed to Photoshop, which can cost upwards of $900.

So as you can see, there are a variety of reasons why companies and people work on making free drawing software. You may need to check out a few different packages to discover which one will work the best for you. However, with the wide variety available, there is certainly one that will be able to do all of the functions that you require.